Harbor Seals in Oregon

Harbor Seals

A few harbor seals chilling at the Yaquina National Wildlife Refuge near Newport, Oregon. A nice trip as we met up with my son and his family for a karate championship for my grandson, which, of course, was the highlight of the trip.

One of the side trips we took was to the Yaquina National Wildlife Refuge, and the lighthouse there. Much to my pleasant surprise we got to see quite a few frolicking harbor seals quite close to the shore. We also remember that these are wild animals, and as such do demand a safe distance, even if they might be used to crazy humans watching them from the shore. Always keeping a respectful distance. And why I’m generally using longer lenses to capture nature.

Part of the reason these seals are called harbor seas is because of their habit of frequenting sheltered waters. Female seals are referred to as cows, males as bulls, young seals as calves or, more commonly today, pups. A breeding herd of seals is known as a rookery.