Sunlight in the Hoh

A visit to a little known trail up along a windy lumber road in the Hoh Forest. In the middle of winter, we had a lovely sunshine-filled morning as we hiked along the trail. Thick forest growth allowed for moments like this, where streams of sunlight cut through the shadowy trail. Another one of those magical moments in nature. Hoh is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. and truly an amazing experience.


That barn in the landscape


Structures, architecture, an iconic imagery of labor and farming and agriculture. Wetlands still pooling from the rains of winter.  There’s a story here and that’s what we look for isn’t it? The colors – the blues, the browns, the greens. Textures in the trees, the field, the sky, the water. Shadows and light. Lots to see here. Lots ot photograph and compose.

Morning, Mountains…

From a distance, a broader view of springtime Olympic Mountains. Morning again. I love that morning sunlight. Moody silver skies, snowy white mountaintops,  angles, and shapes and curves, sunlight and shadow. A vista to take your breath away. That moment in time captured, like a breath caught suspended. And a remembrance of that one special moment.


The Shape of Things


The shape of things along the river. The Pacific Northwest offers a wide range of magical and shapely environments. I often find myselfing saying, “well, isn’t that interesting.” I often speak to the forest, and thanking it for show me some of its secrets, or thanking the birds for staying around to allow me to get a picture. I am also a strange creature at the best of times.

Snow Falling


Snow falling. I like to play with settings on my camers to see what different effects I get. Could I preset to obtain different effects in a more concrete fashion? Sure. But that’s not how I like to do things. Alhtough I do carry a small waterproof journal with me in order to take notes of various things on my travels. But the settings I find challenging and rather creative to work with. I actually like being surprised at the results, and with this digtal age I have a lot more flexibility about what I can do, what I can delete, withat I can save for other purposes such as textures and backgrounds and colors, and an assortment of other uses. Blurs are particular fun.

But snow falling, just like rain, can be fun to play with. At the first sign of snow falling, I’m usually out the door, striding across the back field, peering at weeds and flowers. New snow, no footsteps, pristine paths. Of course, then there’s after the snowfall, the next morning, and animal’s traveling imprint the pristine white.

And there’s that quietness thing again. That special snowfall quiet and solitude.