Flicker, not Flickr


Walking down toward the river one sunny day, I saw these flickers having their way with a bit of wood. Northern Flickers, a subspecies of the woodpecker family, love their wood and love to peck.  A pair of flickers and they stayed around for quite a while offering me a lovely photo opportunity.

Wood Carvings


I don’t have a fondness for defacements such as this on trees or otherwise in nature. But as a photographer, and as a writer, I am an observer. As a photographer I play witness and I document what I see. I try very hard not to disturb the environments I photograph. I walk carefully and I don’t remove parts of nature, leaves, roots, or otherwise, that might make the photograph less appeal. I photograph nature and the environment as I see it, not disturbed by my human hand, if at all possible. Mindful, is always a word I try to keep at the forefront of my thoughts as I photograph, whether it be in an urban setting where people are gathered¬† or in a wooded, natural landscape.