Snow Falling


Snow falling. I like to play with settings on my camers to see what different effects I get. Could I preset to obtain different effects in a more concrete fashion? Sure. But that’s not how I like to do things. Alhtough I do carry a small waterproof journal with me in order to take notes of various things on my travels. But the settings I find challenging and rather creative to work with. I actually like being surprised at the results, and with this digtal age I have a lot more flexibility about what I can do, what I can delete, withat I can save for other purposes such as textures and backgrounds and colors, and an assortment of other uses. Blurs are particular fun.

But snow falling, just like rain, can be fun to play with. At the first sign of snow falling, I’m usually out the door, striding across the back field, peering at weeds and flowers. New snow, no footsteps, pristine paths. Of course, then there’s after the snowfall, the next morning, and animal’s traveling imprint the pristine white.

And there’s that quietness thing again. That special snowfall quiet and solitude.