Frogs so tiny you miss them

Tree frog at Nisqually Wilflife Refuge

These tiny tree frogs can be easy to miss. Spring and summer are when I tend to see them at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. It can be a challenge to discover them on plant leaves and in knotholes along the boardwalk.

Oddly, I find that once I spot one, then I usually see many more. They are varied in color and often can blend in seamlessly with their environment. So tiny and fun to photograph.

Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s all envision an abundant, kind, and safe 2021!

Downy Woodpecker


These little guys can sometimes be like watching a blur. Happened to catch this one because I was chatting with a couple of other hikers on the trail and it flew right in the tree near us. The problems tends to be lights and sometimes not enough time to adjust for the shadows. But not so bad here.