Long View of Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

One of the places I love to visit regularly is Ruby Beach. I’ll usually check the tides, because I like going in the spring when I can view the sea life, starfish particularly, waiting patiently for the tide to come back in. The beach is always littered with interesting artifacts from the ocean. More than one artifact reminding us the power of those magnificent, yet often deadly, Pacific Ocean waves.

The first time we discovered this beach, we were taking a drive upstate on an Easter sunday, and as we were driving home after a very long day of exploration, near sunset, we discovered Ruby Beach, and were witness to an amazing burst of color across the ocean landscape. We vowed then to return, to explore more carefully. and since that time, we have done so again and again.



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Sea Stars/Starfish at Ruby Beach, Nature 9.5×6″ framed

This starfish/sea star photo was take at Ruby Beach, in the state of Washington.