Mushrooms and Natural Light

I love the glimmers of sunlight in the forest. No flashlight, no extra processing to get the light just right. Sometimes the sun sends down interesting rays of sunshine that capture those dark corners of the forest and highlight something just slightly magical. Capturing that special light can be quite the challenge.

I often expect a fairy to peek over the side of one of these mushrooms. The most I can get are butterflies in spring and summertime. But not in the fall and winter when mushrooms are at their grandest. But at least the winter sun offer some lovely illumination at this time of year.

In the abstract


Sunlight is never the same. It glimmers through the trees in the mist in this photograph, giving it a somewhat abstract dimension, in a black and white of shadows and trees and mornng sunlight. One of those times when I enjoy playing with aperature and speed and see what develops.