Steller’s Jay on a sunny afternoon


Steller’s jay, another bird with a pretty distinctive call. They usually move pretty quickly through the trees, like the scrub jay. I did manage to capture this phone near McIntosh Lake. Subspecies of the jay, as is the scrub jay, and closely related to the blue jay. Bold and aggressive, with a strong call.

Harbor Seals Having a Lazy Afternoon


One of those lucky, sunny days at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. Tide was in, and so were the harbor seals, having a great lazy afternoon catching some rays. Pacific harbor seal, also know as common seals, or “real” seals, have spotted coats, ranging from white to gray, to dark brown.

Autumn Leaves all in a row


Some people might just see dead things. I don’t. I see shapes and color and curves of autumn. I see a sleepy time, hibernation, and soon, the advent of rejuvenation. I see a richness of texture and depth of color, curves and lines. I see the shadow of a curled, brittle leaf. I see life that has run its fruitful course. I see families, I see teams, I see closeness, I see huddles. I see sleep, and napping on a cold autumn morning. Do you see just a bunch of dead leaves or do you see possibilities?

Blue bells and cockle shells


Mistress Mary, Quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells,
And so my garden grows.


An old rhyme (1744), “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,” which this photograph brought to mind.  These pretty posies aren’t silver bells, but they are bluebells, and growing profusely in the spring. Looking forward to photographing wildflowers this year, hopefully in the not too distant future.