Northern Shoveler

Northern Shovelers

The Northern Shoveler is somewhat of a dabbler duck. Favors broad, shallow marshes. Often found using its large bill to strain insects and seeds from the water.

Caught here at rest and contemplation, but often seen with bill to water ferreting out their prizes as they move with purpose. Interesting to observe as they have developed a rhythm of circling, bill immersed in water as they hunt. Like watching a syncopated dance on water, especially with a pair such as this.

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A common loon in the seaside fishing community of Westport. One of the earliest structures in Westport was the Westport Lighthouse dedicated in 1898.

Loons are commonly seen as loners. They are migratory, diving birds, and apparently acquired their name from the way they tend to walk when on land, with an unsteady gait because of the position of their legs toward the back of the body.