Looking Up From Our Daily Lives and our Cell Phones


Animals and their actions, their patience, their alertness can teach us so much about relating to our environments.

Magical moments are everywhere, as we gaze around us. Intriguing as we note the outline of a shape, spot something move, eye an irreguliarity that captures our imagination. Curves and outlines and shadows, the way the clouds sift across the sky, cottony or flattened stripes, or sheets that mingle and intertwine to form recognizable shapes. Tree branches creating shadows, pine cones and pine needles of different curvatures and sizes. Acorns with caps and without. The slow progress of a snail. A single feather lying among fallen leaves. These are the subtleties of nature.

Broaden our vision, narrow when necessary, stop, study, refine patience and an attention to really see and experience the world around us.

My Desk Mate


Silkie. We adopted Silkie from the animal shelter. Such a skinny little thing when we first saw her, I thought she was a kitten, but she’s actually about three years old. ┬áThe minute we got to her cage, she turned over onto her back begging for her belly to be scratched. Could not resist that.

She was found as a stray and had only been at the shelter for a few days. She has taken over my desk as her safe place and you’ll often find her stretched out across whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.