Steller’s Jay on a sunny afternoon


Steller’s jay, another bird with a pretty distinctive call. They usually move pretty quickly through the trees, like the scrub jay. I did manage to capture this phone near McIntosh Lake. Subspecies of the jay, as is the scrub jay, and closely related to the blue jay. Bold and aggressive, with a strong call.



I believe this little guy is an Allen’s Hummingbird.  So, tiny and so fast.  You have to be quick to capture this one with the camera. One more reason to be alert out on the trail. Fun that with this move, we have two hummingbirds that frequent the yard and utilizing the hummingbird feeder. Lots of opportunity for photo practice.

That barn in the landscape


Structures, architecture, an iconic imagery of labor and farming and agriculture. Wetlands still pooling from the rains of winter.  There’s a story here and that’s what we look for isn’t it? The colors – the blues, the browns, the greens. Textures in the trees, the field, the sky, the water. Shadows and light. Lots to see here. Lots ot photograph and compose.