Sunlight and Shadows


Discovery Trail, Centralia, WA

As a photographer, and as a writer, I love the early morning light.  I’m always up before dawn and this year I’ve played a lot with aperture settings and speed and ISO. Being adventurous and, I hope a little bit creative with my photography.

I like to see how the light plays in the branches, I love the mist of a Pacific Northwest morning, how it undulates across the ground and through the trees, and over th waters of the river. And each day, each season, at any given moment that light changes. Maybe it’s the whisper of a leaf, the tremble of a branch, the ripple of the water . I stand and watch and wait for it, wait for it. Being a nature photographer requires patience and observation.


Discovery Trail, Centralia, WA (August  2018)


There’s something about the peacefulness of the environment, stepping away from technological objects. Stuffing the phone away, turning off the computer, and stepping out into a dawn breaking, to birds singing, to trees creaking as they sway with a breeze. There’s a certain excitement and awe to watching sunlight sweep away the mist of a dawning day.  Being out in nature before people rise and even consider taking that first walk. Leaves whisper, a flutter of birds doing some early morning foraging.  The crunch of my own feet along a hiking path.

What’s waiting around the corner yet to be discovered?  Misty sunlight always catches my attention. It makes the sun shimmer, the mist making it appear always shy, just arising at the beginning of a new day.  Parting the cool covers of mist to warmly shine down, giving sparkle to the dew drops in a golden twinkle. A glint catches my eye because I’m walking slowly. It’s not about scanning the area with my eyes. It’s using my sense, the look I give the area, is that of a lover, a slow and intimate appreciation for the environment around me. Because, photography in any form is a passion, and with any passion, there is a certain intimacy necessary to embrace the moment fully.  Thus, I use all my senses in moments like this. That shine of the sun, it energizes me, it fills me with its light. It soothes with the revelation of early morning shine. It fills me with wonder, and, indeed, it fills the well of my soul.


Dewdrops on Feather. Discovery Trail, Centralia, WA (August 2018)

I like being a morning person, up before the sun, getting ready, heading out. I stand on the step and gaze up at the sky, always a smile of anticipation. The mist envelopes me as I step down and head to the car. I know, whatever this day will bring, it’s going to be a great day for more discoveries in nature.