Fenced for Interpretation


I feel like this is one of those half full/half empty, positive/negative images. Fenced in or fenced out. An image of protection either way.  To protect someone or something from danger, to keep something dangerous from entering a place. And some might see it as a challenge to be met and to overcome. Subject to interpretation by the viewer.

Pink Moon

I was not sure I’d get a chance to see the moon last night. But I was in luck. Around 11:30 PM, I looked outside and there it was shining down brightly. Tripod, camera and 600mm lens and I was outside framing up to catch this image of the moon (among a number of other pictures I captured last night).

It always pays to take one more look. In Washington state, rain and cloud cover can be the rule of the day, not the exception. And sometimes, well, a lot of times, those clouds are mist are really what adds interesting dimension to a photograph.

But last night the clouds parted, at least long enough to get this shot.


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