About T.A. Gallup

MeandMarleyPhotography has alway been my passion. From the large, expansive landscapes, to the small minute images that make up our world. Having traveled from East Coast to West Coast, capturing moments sparked by the world around me, and inspiring my creative curiosity. Adventure, discovery, awareness.

I photograph, I write, I journal, I combine and I manipulate.  Textures, objects, plants, animals, sunshine, rain, all of these interpreted through my eyes, with the help of a camera lens.

I started out some time ago with instant cameras and Polaroids. Graduated to a Minolta XGA 35mm and lots of fun with interchangeable lenses, moved along to a Minolta 5D for digital. and here I am now with a Nikon D5500 and a Nikon D7200, and several more lenses, including a Tamron 18-400mm, Tamron 90 mm macro, and Tamron 150-600mm zoom, tripods, filters, and all the other assorted equipment that makes things interesting.

In this picture you’ll see us at Multnomah Falls, Oregon. We’d just picked up Marley, who was a rescue, and heading back home to Washington from Utah on a beautiful October weekend. Marley is part Australian Shepherd, part Pomeranian, and a splash of Shetland Sheepdog. What a character! We love her to death.